Bloody Revenge, published in Hate

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My drabble, ‘Bloody Revenge’ was published by Black Hare Press in their anthology, Hate. This was a piece that came to me whilst I was waking up and half an hour later, it was written, edited and sent off to the publisher. I received a reply several hours later!

They called her the heartbreaker. With long dark hair, full red lips and a smile that lit up the valley, every man in the village lusted after her.

Book Details

Bloody Revenge, published in HateTitle: Hate: A Dark Microfiction Anthology
Series: Dark Drabbles #8
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Date: 8th March 2020

Dark tales of hate and revenge in bite-sized chunks.

What miracles can one hundred debut-to-bestselling authors do with 100 words?

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