Moving in to 2020

After a painfully drawn out six-month process, we finally moved from a small, city centre flat to a semi-detached house. We’re still in Nottingham, a city we love, but rather than hear traffic and drunkards at all times of day or night, we’re on a quiet, one-way street. It’s helped my health by dint of the lack of noise and I’m slowly adjusting to living on multiple storeys again.

Our house is a smaller version of the house we left in Cleethorpes, eleventy billion years ago (or rather, 2017, when we tried a transatlantic adventure) but has more period features, which is a blessing and a curse in equal measure. Every single room needs fixing and mending, cleaning fully and decorating from top to bottom. It’s going to take a while.

We’re trying to keep in tone with its 1920s heritage—choosing colours that, as George Clarke would say, cherish the original intention of the property. On that note, I binge watched ‘Old House New Home’ and have far too many ideas for what I can achieve with the house. It’s inspired me though, to take up a paintbrush, choose wallpaper, sand down surfaces and—gasp!—even get out into the garden.

I’m not a natural gardener. I love being outside in a garden but the idea of maintenance and plants is not my thing. At the moment though, the small space we have needs some large-scale destruction and that is up my street (yeah, take that, massive overgrown ivy), so for the time being, I’m happy doing that.

Back inside, we’re doing one room at a time and not overdoing it all. My mum is helping and that’s lovely because we’ve found a shared interest in sorting the decor and we’re getting on really well.

We’re getting a lodger in a few months, so do have some deadlines to work to but they’re pretty chilled out and their room won’t be difficult to do. I know not everybody likes the idea of opening up their home, but this is to a good friend and as Mike said, when they came to visit, “if you live here, you’re family.” And that was that!

We’ve got a lot going on this year, but my meds are working (as well as they’re going to, but I’m not in so much pain) and for the first time in perhaps 5 years, I’m feeling really positive going forward—2020 is doing me alright.

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